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General Information

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In order to realize the aims of the Law on electricity of Republic of Srpska, pursuant to Article 23, Regulator supervises and regulates the relationships between generation, distribution and buyers of electric energy, including supply of electric energy, prescribes bases of the process for adoption of rules and regulations and bases of the procedures which are applied in different scopes of its work. Apart from that, Article 27 provides that Regulator prescribes rules and procedures in accordance with it and according to Article 28, at the request of the party, it settles disputes between the participants related to:

  • the right for supply and obligation of delivery of the electric energy,
  • the right of access to the distribution network,
  • tariffs for delivery of the electric energy,
  • interruptions in the electric energy supply,
  • refusal of the electric energy delivery.

Legal department is, inter alias, responsible for realization of the works within the scope of competences of the Regulator:

  • It takes care about harmonization of all general acts made by Regulator with legal and sub-Act regulations in BiH,
  • It takes care about harmonization of all single acts made by the Regulator with legal and sub-Act regulations in BiH, Republic of Srpska and rules and regulations of the Regulator,
  • It ensures that all processes of the Regulator are harmonized with the rules and regulations of the Regulator as well as that they are completely transparent,
  • It prepares drafts and final rules and regulations proposed by the Regulator and it estimates the justifiability of all comments which the Regulator received from the public,
  • It chairs the public hearings related to the disputes settlement, gives detailed and fair recommendations to the Regulator regarding the disputes’ settlement,
  • It analyzes the proposed legislation and decisions by the Government of Republic of Srpska and their impact on the electric power sector,
  • It represents the Regulator before the competent judicial bodies and bodies of the legislative and executive authorities,
  • It follows international and regional development, especially related to EU and regional market process of the South-East Europe.