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Disputes and Complaints Settlement

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Requests for settlement of disputes and complaints, which the Regulator is authorized by law for, and which results from, directly or indirectly, non-transparent and discriminatory behaviour of the active parties in the electric energy sector will be received by the Regulator that prescribed their obligatorily content.


Each request, complaint or other pleading should be complete and comply with the provisions of the Rule book about public hearings and settlement of disputes and complaints (draft adopted); otherwise it won’t be considered complete.


Before official submission of the application, applicant may turn to the competent sector of the Regulator in order to get necessary information.

If Regulator decides that there is a need to hold the formal hearing there will be an appropriate notice for the public issued.


If somebody would like to get the status of intervener in the formal hearing procedure, he/she has to submit the request for getting the status of intervener during the period determined by the Regulator in the notice for the public.


Minor disputes may be settled on the informal level, without hearings at the internal meetings with the applicant and opponent party.

Parties to the procedure and Regulator staff may get the material and information from other parties which are important for the subject of the ongoing procedure, submitting the application with data to the opponent party.


At the request of the party to the procedure, if needed, Regulator or Presiding Officer may decide to protect confidential business information. Parties which ask for treatment of confidentiality may submit the procedural pleading explaining the nature of confidential information and harm which would be caused if the information is published.


While the procedure is in progress, neither any party nor a person who is not a member of the Regulator staff shall enter direct or indirect communication with any member of the Regulator, Presiding Officer or employees regarding any issue from the Law or facts related to the procedure.