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About Hearings

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For the purposes of protection of the general public interest, Article 30 of the Procedural Rules of the Regulatory commission for electricity of Republic of Srpska provides that the Regulator may lead several different public hearings during the procedures described in the Procedural Rules, including general, formal and technical hearing.

In order to ensure a quick, effective, cost-effective and transparent procedure of the public hearings, the Regulator makes Rule about public hearings and settlement of disputes and complaints. For the same activities, it is necessary to reach synchronization with the procedures of the State Regulatory commission and Regulatory Commission for electricity in BiH Federation.


The rule about public hearings determines types of the public hearings, general, technical and formal hearing, and the way the hearing is held. Common characteristic of all hearings is its transparency for the public. Regulator informs the public about any hearing in one of the media, briefly describing the issues which will be discussed. It is on Regulator to define the type of hearing which will be conducted in any procedure which should be held.


General hearing

General hearing is the hearing organized for the public which is led in order to get comments of the interested persons and representatives of the public about the rule, regulation or any other documents proposed by the Regulator. Participation of the public is encouraged because in that way direct collection of the public comments is provided.

Regulator publishes on its web site an appropriate document which is the subject of the general hearing, and at the written request it submits it to the interested person by mail, charging the justified costs.

Interested persons may submit the written comments which will be carefully analyzed by the Regulator.

Presiding Officer may limit the time for oral comments giving during the general hearing in order to enable the participation of as many participants in the hearing as possible.


Technical hearing

Technical hearing is the hearing organized and held by the Regulator with the aim of the procedural and substantial issues treatment which it encounters, in order to process them. Technical hearing may be held in order to settle a technical issue within the tariff or license issuance procedure or any other procedure led before the Regulator and which includes sharing of information between Regulator and participants in the procedure.

Technical hearing may also be an expert hearing about some issues which Regulator encounters and which requires further consideration with the hearing attended by certain experts, parties to the procedure, interveners, interested persons and/or representatives of the general public.

Regulator publishes a short Notice for the public about the hearing with participation of the experts containing the issues that will be discussed with a description of the technical hearing procedure.

Regulator may limit participation for the parties to the procedure and interveners but it has to let the presence of the public at the technical hearing.


Formal hearing

Formal hearing is the hearing organized with the aim to establish relevant facts for REERS to settle the dispute or complaint. Formal hearing includes conduct of the hearing of evidence with all means necessary to establish the facts such as documents, testimonies of the parties to the procedure and witnesses and statement with the right of cross-questioning, inspections, findings and expert opinions etc.


Formal hearing may be held regarding:

    • the aim to settle the dispute or disputed issue between participants in the electricity market,
    • the right for the electricity supply,
    • the right of access to the distribution network,
    • obligation of the electricity delivery,
    • tariffs for delivery of electricity,
    • interruptions in the electricity supply,
    • refusal of the electricity supply and
    • quality of the electricity supply.

More detailed information about public hearings, informing and participation of the public on them, preparatory and accompanying procedures may be found in the Rule book about public hearings and settlement of disputes and complaints which is available on these pages.