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General Information

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Tariffs - General information

The task of the Regulatory Commission for Energy of Republic of Srpska is to provide conditions for the market opening for free competition in the activities which aren't by their nature inherently monopolistic, and to provide in those monopolistic activities equal access of all parties, quality of the service and a fair price accompanied by the profitable running a business of the participants and preventing monopolistic behavior.

The Law on electricity - cleaned text ("Official Gazette of Republic of Srpska", number 8/08) provides that Regulatory Commission for Energy of Republic of Srpska prepares, develops and makes:

  • Methodology and criteria for determination of the price for using distribution network and electricity price for supply of non-eligible customers and methodology for determination of the fee for connection to the distribution network,
  • Tariff system for sale of electricity and use of the distribution network,
  • Tariff rates for distribution system users and tariff rates for non-eligible customers,
  • Structure and total amount of the fee for connection to the distribution network,
  • Incentives for generation of electricity from renewable energy sources, including the waste, as well as co-generation of heat and electricity and
  • Structure of the price and total price of electricity at the plant outlet and specifically  the price for distribution of electricity.


The Gas Law ("Official Gazette of Republic of Srpska" number 86/07) prescribes that the Regulatory Commission for Energy of Republic of Srpska:

  • determines methodology for calculation of costs of generation, transport, distribution, warehousing and supply with natural gas,
  • determines methodology for calculation of costs of connection to the network,
  • makes tariff system for calculation of prices for use of the system for generation, transport, distribution, warehousing of natural gas and tariff system for calculation of the natural gas price for supply of tariff customers,
  • gives the consent to the energy structures on the prices for supply of customers with natural gas and the price of access and use of the transport and distribution system. 


Legal framework

Legal framework for determination of tariffs is established by:

  1. Law on electricity of Republic of Srpska,
  2. Law on gas,
  3. Law on oil and oil derivates,
  4. EU Directives 2003/54/EC and 2003/55/EC,
  5. Athens Memorandum dated 2002 and 2003 and
  6. Energy Community Treaty of the Southeast Europe dated 2005 

The aims of determination of tariff methodologies and tariffs in the energy sectors are as follows:

  • Fair and cost-effective procedure of regulating prices and determination of the fair fee to the regulated companies,
  • Improvement of efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of operation of the energy system,
  • Provision of safety of supply and quality of services for end users,
  • Creation of conditions for development of the energy systems,
  • Introduction of the market mechanisms and improvement of the competitiveness based on the internationally accepted principles of fair access and non-discrimination of users of the energy networks according to the clear conditions known in advance.